Are you ready to explore the world of shag rugs? Let’s take a closer look at these unconventional pieces! Explore & enjoy these Shag Rugs!

SHAG RUG: The Unexpected Home Decor Trend That's Making a Comeback

Soft, fluffy, and oh-so-cozy shag rugs are making a comeback in a big way. Find out why this unexpected home decor trend is gaining popularity and see some of our favorite shag rugs.

What is a Shag Rug & What Makes it Unique?

A shag rug is a type of carpet or rug characterized by its long, thick fibers that create a fluffy, textured surface. The fibers are usually made of materials such as wool and cotton or synthetic materials like polyester. Shag rugs are known for their softness and comfort underfoot, as well as their ability to add texture and visual interest to a room.

What makes shag rugs unique is the texture and thickness of their fibers. The long fibers of a shag rug create a shaggy, fluffy surface that feels soft and comfortable to walk on. Additionally, the fibers of a shag rug can be dyed in a variety of colors, which allows for a wide range of design options.

Shag rugs are super plush carpets, great for an invitingly cozy feel that won't fail to catch people's attention or leave your feet feeling amazing after a long day. They are versatile and can be used in various settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

How We Choose

When it comes time to select the perfect shag rug, you can rest assured that we have the best selection available. We do not compromise on quality and only source from reputable suppliers. Our team of experts evaluates each product based on user feedback, expert opinions, and in-depth research. So, you know that when you choose one of our shag rugs, you're getting quality pieces that are designed to last. For those searching for a chic and stylish look for your home in 2023, there's no better option than a high-quality shag rug.

Whether you'd like something bright and colorful or more subtle and neutral tones, we've got plenty of options to fit any budget. Not only will these plush rugs bring comfort and aesthetic appeal to your living space but they'll also give an instant update with minimal effort – what could be better? From traditional hand-woven pieces to higher-end machine-made models, let us help guide you through all the possibilities so that you can be sure to choose the perfect shag rug for your needs!  So, here are our Top Picks!

Artistic Weavers Hapsburg Moroccan Shag Area Rug, 5'3" x 7'3", Beige

Artistic Weavers Hapsburg Moroccan Shag Area Rug

What You Should Know

✅Easy to clean and maintain
✅Value for money

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Why We Love It

Add luxe comfort and modern style to your home with the Hapsburg Collection shag rug. Its plush pile is perfect for a family fort or movie night, plus its polypropylene material ensures durability so that you can enjoy it again. Get cozy with this textured high/low design to transform any space easily. This eye-catching Moroccan-style rug adds a touch of boho luxe to your living room. Featuring polypropylene fibers for unbeatable strength and durability, its chic neutral colors will keep it looking vibrant even in high-traffic areas.

This hardy rug is the perfect addition to your home if you’ve got kids and pets running around. Durable enough to act as a protective barrier against everyday wear, it won't let you down in busy areas like living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, or hallways.

Ashler Faux Fur Rug- Fluffy Shaggy Area Rug Ultra Soft, Sheepskin Fur Rug

Ashler Faux Fur Rug - Fluffy Shaggy Area Rug Ultra Soft, Sheepskin Fur Rug

What You Should Know

✅Easy cleaning & care

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Why We Love It

The faux fur rug is your go-to piece if you're looking to transform any space into a classic urban feel. Its unique design and sophisticated materials make it an ideal fit for different settings - providing that minimalist touch without compromising style. Plus, with its range of a multitude of sizes & timeless colors, you'll be able to create cozy vibes and a comfortable experience.

Upgrade your décor game with this amazing floor mat. It'll give you a comfortable, stable, beautiful base for any room. And don't worry about its fragility – its durability rivals even the toughest surfaces. Your family will be amazed at how gorgeous your living space looks with these chic covers - prepare yourself for all the compliments coming your way. Give yourself luxurious comfort with a rug crafted from premium faux sheepskin fur. It's extra thick, unbelievably soft to the touch, and perfect for anyone of any age. Treat your feet (and eyes!) with this fluffy masterpiece today.

SAFAVIEH Moroccan Tassel Shag Collection - Boho Non-Shedding

SAFAVIEH Moroccan Tassel Shag Collection - Boho Non-Shedding

What You Should Know

✅Trusted brand
✅Easy to clean
✅Stain resistance
✅Durable construction
✅Shed-free fibers

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Why We Love It

Transform any space with the luxe, stylish look of Moroccan Tassel Shag rugs. The perfect combination of textured comfort and on-trend designs makes these an amazing addition to your home decor. Give any room a cozy, luxurious look with this pet-and kid-friendly rug. Its high and low pile height adds texture to the beautiful trellis design featuring braided tassels. It's ideal for bringing comfort into your living room, bedroom, dining room, or even home office. Enjoy ultimate convenience with this rug's machine-woven fibers that are so soft and durable you don't have to worry about pesky shedding.

GKLUCKIN Shag Ultra Soft Area Rug, Fluffy Plush, Fuzzy Non-Skid

GKLUCKIN Shag Ultra Soft Area Rug, Fluffy Rugs, Plush Fuzzy Non-Skid

What You Should Know

✅Made from eco-friendly materials
✅Anti-slip bottom
✅Easy Care

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Why We Love It

Get the perfect softness, comfort, and style with GKLUCKIN's ultra-soft area rug. With its velvet-feeling surface and a dense sponge layer in the middle, you'll keep your feet cozy and warm when walking on chilly hardwood floors or let your kids lie peacefully on it while playing. Get ready for maximum coziness that will make everyone feel right at home.

The fluffy area rug adds luxurious comfort to any home. Its plush, 450 GSM high-density shag carpet is a soft haven your family can escape to after long days of work and stress. The 1.57" pile won't shed fibers either. So, you don't have to worry about the added hassle when decorating your rooms with this fuzzy area shag rug.

BSTLUV Super Soft Fluffy Area Rug, Shag Rugs for Living Room, Bedroom, Modern Rug

BSTLUV Super Soft Fluffy Area Rug,5x8, Shag Rugs for Living Room, Bedroom, Modern Rug

What You Should Know

✅Value for money
✅Stain resistance
✅Super Soft Material

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Why We Love It

Want to add a modern touch and warmth to your living room? Look no further than this geometric shag rug. It features an abstract design and can be any space's focus piece. Its funky yet minimalistic vibe is perfect for creating that contemporary feel in your home - protecting floors with style simultaneously. Treat your toes to a luxuriously soft landing with this plush pile rug! Cuddle up and relax as you feel the silky fibers underfoot.

nuLOOM Kindra Circles Shag Area Rug, 4 x 6 ft, Multi

nuLOOM Kindra Circles Shag Area Rug, 4 x 6 ft, Multi

What You Should Know

✅Stylish & cozy
✅Luxurious material
✅Soft & Durable

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Why We Love It

Slip into blissful relaxation with a luxurious shag rug! This plush and cozy accessory will have you spending hours lounging on the floor. Whether in your bedroom, living room, or hallway - an invitingly soft shag is just what you need to snuggle up after a long day.

Add a pop of personality to your space with stylish bohemian rugs. Showcasing vibrant colors and unique designs, they bring an artistic touch – perfect for brightening up any room. These beauties are easy to maintain: vacuum regularly and spot-clean stains as needed.

If You Want Your Shag Rug to Last You Through the Years – Here's How!

A shag rug will give you that feeling of coziness and comfort every time you step into the room. However, caring for a shag rug can come with its own set of challenges. To take care of a shag rug effectively:

Vacuum regularly to remove dirt and debris.
Rotate the rug occasionally to prevent uneven wear.
Use a mild detergent and water to spot-clean stains.
Avoid exposing the rug to direct sunlight, as it can cause fading.
Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools.
A professional cleaning every few years is recommended.

5 Different Styles of Shag Rugs

Classic Shag: This style features long, thick fibers that create a plush, textured look. It's often made from synthetic materials, such as polypropylene or acrylic.
Flokati Shag: This style originated in Greece and is made from natural wool fibers. It's known for its soft, fluffy texture and durability.
Faux Fur Shag: This style mimics the look of animal fur, with short, plush fibers that create a cozy, inviting feel. It's often made from synthetic materials.
Textured Shag: This style features fibers of varying lengths and thicknesses, creating a unique, dimensional look. It's often made from synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester.
Hand-Woven Shag: This style is crafted by hand, using traditional techniques. It often features natural fibers, such as wool or jute, and has a rustic, bohemian feel.

Versatile Uses for Shag Rugs

Perhaps one reason why shags remain so popular today is because they're incredibly versatile when it comes to fitting different areas within our homes without compromising on style points. Not only do they make excellent floor coverings in bedrooms due to their plush nature; but also work wonderfully as wall hangings or draped over furniture pieces like chairs or tables that could use a little extra pizzazz! And if you need something lighter and easier on your wallet? Not to worry – smaller throw-style shags can fit just about anywhere without feeling too bulky or taking up too much space!

shag rug

Shag Rug FAQs

What are the benefits of a shag rug?

Shag rugs offer many benefits that make them an attractive choice for home décor. They add softness and comfort to any room, as well as visual interest with their longer stands of yarn. Additionally, they’re versatile enough to be used on floors, walls, or draped over furniture pieces like chairs and tables. Finally, they come in a wide range of colors and patterns – from neutral tones to bolder options – so you can easily find one that fits your interior style perfectly.

How do I care for my shag rug?

Caring for your shag rug involves regular maintenance steps such as vacuuming it regularly (especially in high traffic areas) and spot cleaning spots as soon as possible when needed. Additionally, it’s also important to use protective mats underneath heavy furniture to prevent crushing the pile height. Finally, it’s vital to use only approved cleaning products on your rug; avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals which can damage the fabric over time.

What are some tips for buying a shag rug?

When buying a new shag rug there are several key things you should consider before making the purchase: the size of your room (as smaller rooms require smaller rugs), the amount of traffic in the area where you plan to place it (so you don’t end up with a worn-out mat quickly), the color palette of your existing décor (make sure your rug matches up nicely), and whether or not you need an anti-slip backing under it (to prevent slipping). Lastly, make sure you factor in budgets but also quality too – cheaper prices usually mean lower quality materials.

Are shag rugs suitable for outdoor use?

No, shag rugs are not suitable for outdoor use due to their delicate nature; they should always be kept indoors in dry areas away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures fluctuations which can damage them seriously over time. If you would like a fun outdoor mat instead opt for something more durable such as sisal or jute!

Choosing The Best Shag Rug For You

Whether you’re looking for something subtle and subdued, or something bold and eye-catching – a shag rug can add beauty and personality to your space in a unique way. With the wide selection of colors, patterns, and sizes available today, it’s easy to find one that suits your décor style perfectly. Here at Lifestyle Lineup we have given you all the info, reviews and products needed to make the best choice! So don't be shy – go ahead and experiment with texture in your home design. You won't regret it!

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