Cat wheels have quickly become the must-have item for any self-respecting feline. Whether your cat is a lover of exercise or just enjoys the thrill of a good spin, check out these wheels.

Cat Wheel: The Ultimate Exercise Equipment for Your Feline Companion

Let's all agree on one thing. Kitties aren't much different from kids. They both like to bounce around from one place to another, make us laugh and cry with their shenanigans, and have unlimited energy! However, during the chilly months of the year, pet parents are often stuck looking for ways to help their murder mittens burn off the access energy inside, as that's where they are safest, regardless of the time of year.

So, whether you have a mischievous fluff ball or a chubby snuggle buddy who's packed a few extra tuna cans, finding a way to exercise your indoor pet can be challenging. Luckily, that's where the cat exercise wheel comes in handy. These cat workout products give your cat an incredible opportunity to burn some extra calories while staying safe indoors. They are pretty similar to hamster wheels but only a bit oversized.

So, what is a Cat Wheel exactly? A cat wheel is an innovative and interactive device designed to provide exercise and stimulation for cats. Resembling a large hamster wheel, it allows cats to run or walk on its surface, promoting an active lifestyle and preventing boredom. Cat wheels are becoming increasingly popular among cat owners as they offer a safe and fun way for cats to burn off energy and engage in natural behaviors.

Let's learn a bit more about the best cat wheels options the internet has to offer, along with some important considerations while buying one.

Cat Wheel
The Best Cat Wheel: Do you even need one?

The Best Cat Wheel: Do you even need one?

"Cat workout wheel" is a relatively new concept, with only a few good options on the list. Though every manufacturer claims to have the best cat exercise wheel, the choice is a bit complex. Most quality products are pretty heavy on the pocket, while others aren't up to the mark. You need to ensure that you're making the right decision before spending your hard-earned bucks.
We have prepared this guide to help you understand the importance of an exercise wheel for cats and how to find the "one."

The Natural Instinct

Cats are notorious for their wild nature. They are hunters, and their lifestyle is pretty active as well. In the wild, they hunt exceptionally swift animals and birds, and a lot of chasing and running is involved. It won't be wrong to say that being active is a natural instant for our feline companions. And according to pet MD, domestic cats need at least 15 minutes of physical activity daily to stimulate their natural instinct.
Sadly, most indoor cats don't get a chance to exercise or hunt. Our pampering and serving make nature's most ferocious predator habitual of a lazy lifestyle.

Hazards of a Lazy Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle can pose several hazards to cats, affecting their overall health and well-being. Cats that lead a lazy lifestyle are at a higher risk of obesity, which can lead to various health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and joint problems. Lack of physical activity can also contribute to cardiovascular problems and increase the chances of developing hereditary cancers in certain breeds. To combat these risks, it is essential to introduce activities that encourage exercise, such as using a cat exercise wheel, to keep our feline companions active and healthy.

cat wheel
Hazards of a Lazy Lifestyle

💠Obesity: You might disagree, but we will say it! No matter how adorable or squishy it looks, a chubby feline isn't a fluffy feline!
Being overweight means, a kitty is unable to burn an adequate amount of calories. This increases the fat percentage in your beloved pet's body beyond the recommended healthy levels, and the feline becomes susceptible to many health concerns, including liver diseases, diabetes, heart issues, breathing problems, and arthritis.

💠Arthritis: Arthritis is a severe condition that makes our furry companions unable to engage in a lot of activities. You can think of it as a vicious cycle that keeps adding to a massive list of health concerns no pet parent would want to deal with. And what's the main culprit behind this painful disease?
You guessed it right!
Lack of muscle engagement and increased weight.

💠Anxiety: Being a loving and caring pet parent, you might think your fuzzball is living its best lavish life, but that isn't always the case. A lazy lifestyle can be quite depressing for felines, and they can quickly get bored. Lack of physical activity can also disturb their regular sleeping pattern, leading to a deeper state of stress.

💠Bad Behavior: Kitties are supposed to be active, pity-pattering across the house. However, when they are not, they have a lot of pent-up energy, which can be projected negatively. You may find them being aggressive, scratching your carpets and furniture, and chewing your favorite pair of slippers.

Cats are curious creatures. They need an active lifestyle that can satisfy their natural tendencies. And as pet owners, we owe them a life full of things helping them to be more vigorous. For that, the best cat wheel is a good place to begin.

cat wheel
How Cat Exercise Wheels Work

How Cat Exercise Wheels Work

Cat exercise wheels are the same as dog treadmills or hamster wheels. They are designed to provide your pet with physical engagement and keep stress at bay.
Compared to most exercise solutions out there, these wheels don't require much mental work, which can be frustrating for some felines. All the kitty has to do is run at a comfortable pace as long as she enjoys it. Most cats get used to it and like to go back voluntarily from time to time.

Training a cat to use a cat wheel may require some patience and positive reinforcement. Here are a few steps to help coax your cat into using the cat wheel:

💢Introduce Gradually: Place the cat wheel in a familiar and accessible location for your cat. Allow them to explore it at their own pace, sniffing and investigating is key to a curious cat's comfort.

💢Use Treats & Praise: Encourage your cat to approach the cat wheel by using treats or their favorite toys. Place treats on or near the wheel to create positive associations. Praise and reward your cat for any interaction with the wheel.

💢Gradual Introduction: Start by enticing your cat onto the wheel with treats or toys. You can also gently guide them onto the wheel and reward them for staying on it, even if it's just for a few seconds. Repeat this process several times over a period of days or weeks, gradually increasing the time spent on the wheel.

💢Playtime & Interaction: Engage your cat in play sessions near the cat wheel. Use interactive toys to make the area around the wheel more appealing and stimulating. This will help generate curiosity and encourage your cat to explore further.

💢Positive Reinforcement: Whenever your cat voluntarily uses the cat wheel, provide immediate praise and rewards. This will reinforce the behavior and make the experience more enjoyable for them.

Remember, every cat is unique, so be patient and adjust the training approach to suit your cat's personality and preferences. With time and positive reinforcement, your cat should become comfortable and start enjoying their exercise on the cat wheel.

Train your cat to use a cat wheel

Benefits Of Cat Exercise Wheels

Cat wheels are the purr-fect way to give your cats a fun and safe exercise option! These low-impact wheels not only provide a great form of mental stimulation, but they also help keep your cat active and fit. Plus, cat wheels give them an opportunity to run in circles safely indoors – no more worrying about the dangers of outdoor playtime.

💠Weight Management - Running is a healthy activity not only for you but for your snuggle buddy as well. It burns a lot of calories and prevents the excess build-up of fat around the muscles.
However, not all domestic cats have the luxury of going out every day or running around in the yard. A cat running wheel might be just right for such kitties.
Spending just about 10 to 15 minutes on the wheel every day can help a feline burn enough calories to keep obesity and other related diseases at bay.

💠Mobility, Agility, Flexibility - Cat exercise wheels are the perfect way to give your cats improved flexibility, mobility, and agility! They provide cats with a fun and safe exercise option that helps them improve their coordination while keeping them active and fit. The low-impact wheels also encourage mental stimulation, helping your cats stay sharp even while they're running in circles indoors. So, if you want to give your cats an opportunity to reach peak performance - get them a cat wheel today and watch as they become more flexible, mobile, and agile in no time!

💠Behavior Management-Once you engage your cat in a stress-free activity, you will notice a decrease in the feline's aggression and significant mood improvements. The same goes for anxiety. A wheel works as a stress reliever, and your kitty will be less bored and depressed. Not to forget, the time you spend with your snuggle buddy while training with the wheel can help you develop a stronger bond. Cats enjoy when their favorite "hoomans" engage with them and make them feel as unique as these majesties really are!

cat wheel
Benefits Of Cat Exercise Wheels

Consider This When Buying A Cat Exercise Wheel

We know all cat exercise wheels look pretty similar, whereas some even look identical. Nevertheless, this isn't always true, and there is a reason some wheels are way heavier on the pocket than others.
Here are some factors that you need to consider while buying a cat wheel. These factors also distinguish one from another.

  ✅Size-Workout wheels come in a lot of different sizes. Most manufacturers offer various size options to match every feline's physical requirements. You need to find the one that fits your cat's needs by keeping her appearance in mind. However, remember that diameter and dimensions aren't the only considerations while buying one.

  ✅Material - Cat Exercise wheels come in 4 material options. These are cardboard, plastic, wood, and metal. We personally prefer the plastic one as it is lightweight. Nonetheless, wood and metal wheels are your best bet if your fur baby is susceptible to allergies.
While considering the material, observe the material lining as well. So far, EVA foam is the safest and most comfortable one.

 ✅Noise-Most workout wheel vendors don't provide insight into whether their workout wheels make noise. That's because most of them are noisy. The problem will such products is that they can scare the kitties away, making the training process a bit more challenging. So ensure you are buying the one that makes minimum or no noise at all.

 ✅Speedy Speed-Workout wheels usually come with a default speed setting which depends on your cat. Yes, your adorable companion can run too fast and get frightened. If this is something you believe could happen, find a wheel that has brakes, allowing you to make speed adjustments.
Training your cat with an exercise wheel

How We Choose

In order to ensure that our readers are presented with the most accurate and comprehensive review of the best products on the market, we have gone through an extensive selection process. Our team has personally read hundreds of product reviews to narrow down our options to only the top-rated products available.

We analyzed each product based on several key factors: quality, durability, functionality, and affordability. We also took into consideration any unique features or benefits that each product offered. After careful research and analysis, we were able to identify the 'Best of List' of products that stood out from the rest.

Our team has thoroughly reviewed these products and they have proven themselves to be of superior quality and value. Whether you're looking for a specific feature or want a reliable product within your budget, Lifestyle Lineup has got you covered with this definitive list of the best products on the market today. Below, we have a Lineup of our select products so you can Live a Life you Love!

Our Picks of the Best Cat Exercise Wheels

PawHut Cat Tree Activity Condo Luxury Pine Wood with Wheel

PawHut 56" Cat Tree Activity Condo Luxury Pine Wood with Wheel

Best of the Bunch

⦁ Ideal for multi-cat environment
⦁ It can be stained to match the decor
⦁ Multifunction
⦁ The wheel isn't recommended for big cats.
⦁ Wobbly on non-carpeted surfaces

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Love It

Our top pick of the best cat exercise wheel is the Pawhut Cat Tree and Hamster Wheel. What we love the most about this product is its versatility. Not only does this unique product comes with an exercise wheel, but it also has a lot of places for your little bug to scratch and snooze. So even if your cat isn't a fan of the exercise wheel, this tree can still be helpful.
The Pawhut cat tree and hamster wheel are perfect for multi-cat houses with a wide range of options for felines to play and hang out.
Though excellent, this product is a bit small, and big cats might not be comfortable using it. On the positive side, it takes less space and can be stained to match the decor. Some owners find it a bit wobbly while placing it on non-carpeted surfaces.

Best Cat Wheels Dimensions & Specs PawHut
PawHut Cat Tree Activity Condo Luxury Pine Wood with Wheel
Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Tree with Built-in Wheel

Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Tree with Built-in Wheel

Best Bang For The Buck!

⦁ Great for the multi-cat environment
⦁ Easy to assemble
⦁ Versatile
⦁ The wheel isn't a good fit for big cats
⦁ Still a bit expensive

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Why We Love It

Pen-Plax wheeled sisal tree is the best cat exercise wheel for people looking to get the most bang for their buck. It is an excellent alternative to our top pick.
Just like the previous one, the main benefit of this wheel is that it doesn't just come with an exercise wheel. It also has a cat tree, scratching post and two resting platforms for your kitty to take her beauty nap. The exercise wheel is sturdy, and the whole product is relatively easy to put together. This wheel is also a wise investment for homes with multiple cats.

Best Cat Wheel Dimensions & Specs PennPlax
Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Tree with Built-in Wheel
JHSMerchandise Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor - Wooden Cat Running Wheel

JHSMerchandise Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor - Wooden Cat Running Wheel

Value Choice

⦁ Great for large cats
⦁ Sturdy rotating wheel
⦁ Noiseless
⦁ Bulky
⦁ Expensive
⦁ Won't blend with the décor

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Love It

If you have a few extra bills lying around in your bank account, consider getting the TWWW Treadmill Ferris Cat Wheel. This cat wheel is probably the most expensive one on our list, so you need to ensure that your fuzzball will use it before making any purchase.
The wheel is made up of durable PVC materials. It opens on both sides providing easy access to felines of different sizes. TWWW Treadmill Ferris Wheel is lined with a soft and easy-to-clean material. It's noiseless, making it the perfect choice for cats preferring midnight sessions.

Best Cat Wheels Dimensions & Specs JHS
JHSMerchandise Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor - Wooden Cat Running Wheel
AURGOD Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor Cat Treadmill

AURGOD Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor Cat Treadmill

Best Budget Choice

⦁ Lockout feature
⦁ Durable
⦁ Noiseless
⦁ Smaller Unit
⦁ Wood vs PVC

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Love It

The AURGOD Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor Cat Treadmill is a great choice for cats who need extra exercise and stimulation. This wheel is designed to be quiet, allowing your cat to run without making too much noise. It also has adjustable speeds so your feline friend can choose the best pace for their workout.

Constructed with high-quality materials such as non-slip rubber floor will keep your kitty safe while they exercise. The wheel comes with a combination of adjustable platforms and guardrails that provide firm support while encouraging your pet to explore outside their comfort zone. With a large 11-inch running circumference and plenty of space inside, this wheel provides your cat ample room to run, jump and explore at their own pace.

Best Cat Wheels Dimensions & Specs Aurgod
AURGOD Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor Cat Treadmill

Cat Wheel FAQs

Do cats actually use cat running wheels?

Yes, cats actually do use cat wheels. They provide an enjoyable source of exercise and stimulation for cats, both indoor and outdoor.

How heavy is a cat exercise wheel?

Depending on the size, material and brand of the wheel, they can weigh anywhere from 10-20 pounds. 

How noisy are cat exercise wheels?

Cat wheels are generally very quiet as they use bearings to keep them spinning smoothly and quietly.

How big should a cat wheel be?

The ideal size for a cat wheel is one that allows your feline friend to run comfortably without having to arch their back or squeeze through tight spaces in order to fit comfortably inside the wheel’s circumference.

Are cat exercise wheels safe?

Yes, A cat exercise wheel is generally safe for cats, as long as some safety guidelines are followed. The wheel should be made of sturdy materials, have no sharp edges, provide sufficient space for the cat to move around, and have a nonslip surface. If these guidelines are met, cat exercise wheels can provide hours of enrichment and fun to your kitty!

How do I know if a cat wheel is suitable for my cat?

Before investing in a cat wheel, consider your cat's size, weight, and activity level. Look for cat wheels that are specifically designed for their weight range to ensure stability and safety. It is also important to introduce the cat wheel gradually and observe your cat's comfort and interest in using it.

Do cats actually use exercise wheels?

While not all cats may take to using an exercise wheel, many cats do enjoy the activity and stimulation it provides. Some cats may require more encouragement and training to become comfortable with using the wheel. Patience and positive reinforcement can help make the process more successful.

How beneficial are cat exercise wheels for indoor cats?

Cat exercise wheels can be highly beneficial for indoor cats. They provide an outlet for physical activity and mental stimulation, helping to prevent obesity, alleviate boredom, and promote overall health and well-being. Regular exercise can also reduce behavioral issues in cats, such as excessive scratching or aggression.

Final Words on the Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Helping your pet stay active and energetic is an essential part of good health care. Pampering the little fellows with delicious food and health supplements isn't enough. You need to engage them in some physical exercises as well.
An exercise wheel will help your pet to burn calories without leaving the safe boundaries of your place. Regular running affects your cat's mental and physical health. It will be better behaved, less bored, and likely make constructive use of the pent-up energy. Most importantly, you will know your munchkin is fluffy, not chubby.

I hoped you enjoyed this read & thank you!

Roma J

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