Discover how to choose the perfect crate for your furry friend, ensuring their comfort and happiness while keeping your home stylish & organized.

How to Choose the Right Crate for your Pet!

If you have a furry friend who is beloved like family and often accompanies you around the house, then chances are that you will need to purchase a crate so that they can be kept safe when at home or while traveling in vehicles. It is important to ensure that your pet’s box or cage has ample room for them to move about comfortably and also function safely as part of your daily routine. This means choosing the right crate for your pet should take priority when selecting items for your home! With guidance from experts on how best to provide proper care, this blog post provides an understanding of what to look out for so you can select the ideal crate for keeping yourself and your pup happy at all times.

What kind of pet do you have and what size crate do they need?

Measure your pet's height, length, and width to determine the right size crate!

As a pet owner, its important to consider certain factors when choosing the right size crate for your furry friend. Luckily, there are a variety of modern crates available on the market that make the process easier than ever before. Before making a purchase, be sure to measure your pet's height, length, and width to ensure the crate provides a comfortable space for them to relax and sleep in. If storage space is a concern, collapsible crates are a great option as they can be easily stored away when not in use. Making this investment in your pet's comfort and safety will pay off in the long run. Follow these steps to get your pet the best crate fit:

1️⃣Measure your Pet's Length: With your pet standing, measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. Make sure they're in a relaxed and natural position when measuring.

2️⃣Measure your Pet's Height: With your pet sitting or standing, measure from the floor to the top of their head or ears, whichever is taller.

3️⃣Add Extra Inches for Comfort: To ensure your pet has enough room to move around comfortably, add 4-6 inches to both the length and height measurements.

4️⃣Consider your Pet's Weight: Choose a crate that can safely accommodate your pet's weight, as some crates have specific weight limits.

5️⃣Factor in Growth Potential: If your pet is still growing, take their expected adult size into account when choosing a crate.

6️⃣Check Door Dimensions: Ensure the crate's door opening is large enough for your pet to comfortably enter and exit.

7️⃣Consider Crate Features: Look for crates with proper ventilation, easy-to-clean materials, and secure latches to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Consider the Material of the Crate

Metal, plastic, wood or wicker-style crates are all good options!

When it comes to purchasing a crate, there are several materials that you can choose from. Metal crates are sturdy and durable, making them a great choice for larger or more active dogs. Plastic crates are lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal for travel or outdoor use. Wicker-style crates provide a more stylish option that can blend seamlessly into your home decor. Ultimately, the material you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of your furry companion. Whichever material you decide on, remember that a well-made crate can provide a safe and comfortable space for your pet to relax and feel secure.

Decide the Type of Crate Works Best

Deciding between a collapsible or a permanent crate for your best friend is an important choice that you need to make as a pet owner. If you're looking for something that's easy to set up and take down, a collapsible crate might be the way to go. These soft dog crates are lightweight, portable, and perfect for travel. On the other hand, if your dog is a bit on the wild side, a sturdy permanent crate can be assembled quickly and provides a more stable and secure environment. You'll want to consider your dog or cats needs before making your decision, as both a collapsible and permanent crate can offer a comfortable space for your pup to relax and feel safe. There are a variety of crate options and there are several to choose from:

✅ Wire Crates
✅ Plastic Crates
✅ Soft-Sided Crates
✅ Heavy-Duty Crates
✅ Wooden Crates
✅ Collapsible Crates
✅ Travel Crates (Airline-Approved)

DIY Crate

DIY Dog Crate

Research the different types of door styles  

Sliding doors, spring-loaded latches, and single-door entry are some popular examples!

Have you ever stopped to think about the different types of doors that exist? It's interesting to see how something as simple as a door can come in so many different styles. For example, there are sliding doors that glide silently across a track, perfect for when you have limited space. There are also spring-loaded latches that allow the door to close automatically, ensuring that you don't accidentally leave it open. And of course, single-door entry is the classic style that we all know and love. Each of these styles has its own unique benefits, so it's worth taking the time to research them all to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Look at Other Crate Features & Accessories

Wheels for mobility, food bowls or additional storage compartments for toys, and washable mats that come in various colors!

When shopping for pet accessories, it's important to consider all of the features that can make life easier for both you and your furry friend. One key feature to look for is wheels, which can make it easy to move the accessory from room to room or even outside. Another helpful feature to consider is additional storage compartments for toys, food and water bowls, or other supplies your pet may need. Lastly, consider investing in a washable mat that comes in various colors to match your home decor and make cleaning up after your pet a breeze. These features may seem small, but they can make a big difference in both your pet's comfort and your own convenience.

Put Together a Checklist of all the Features you need in your Ideal Crate

When it comes to finding the perfect crate for your furry friend, it's important to prioritize the features that are most important to you. Decide on the size and material of the crate, as well as any additional accessories like a divider or a removable tray. It's also important to keep your budget in mind so you don't overspend on features you won't actually use. Check out retailers like Amazon for a wide range of options and prices. By creating a checklist of what you need and sticking to your budget, you'll find the perfect crate for both you and your pet.

Crate Expectations: Your Foolproof Checklist to Picking the Perfect Pet Pad

When choosing, selecting, and buying the perfect pet crate, consider the following checklist to ensure you make the best choice for your furry friend:

✅Pet size: Measure your pet's height, length, and weight. The crate should be large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably without being too spacious.

✅Crate type: Consider the various crate types available, such as wire crates, plastic crates, collapsible crate, soft-sided crates, and furniture-style crates. Each type has its pros and cons depending on your needs, pet's behavior, and home aesthetics.

✅Ventilation: Ensure the crate has proper ventilation to provide your pet with fresh air and prevent overheating.

✅Ease of cleaning: Look for a crate with a removable tray or pan, making it easy to clean and maintain.

✅Portability: If you plan to travel with your pet, consider a lightweight and foldable crate that is easy to transport.

✅Durability: Choose a crate made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear, especially if your pet tends to chew or scratch.

✅Safety features: Check for secure latches and locks, as well as any sharp edges or protrusions that could injure your pet.

✅Access Doors: Some crates feature multiple doors, allowing for easier access and placement options within your home.

✅Comfort: Add a comfortable crate pad or bedding to create a cozy space for your pet to rest.

✅Budget: Determine your budget and compare various crate options within your price range to find the best value.

✅Return Policy & Warranty: Check the return policy and warranty offered by the manufacturer or retailer in case you need to return or replace the crate.

By carefully considering each item on this checklist, you can confidently choose, select, and buy the perfect pet crate that meets your needs and provides a safe, comfortable space for your furry companion.

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FAQs On How To Choose The Right Crate

What size pet crate should I choose for my furry friend? 

When selecting a pet crate, it's crucial to choose the right size for your pet's comfort and safety. Measure your pet from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, and add a few inches for extra wiggle room. The crate should be large enough for them to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably but not so large that they can roam freely.

Should I opt for a wire, plastic, or soft-sided pet crate?

Each type of pet crate has its advantages and drawbacks. Wire crates provide excellent ventilation and visibility, while plastic crates are more enclosed and often airline-approved. Soft-sided crates are lightweight and portable, but they may not be suitable for pets who like to chew or escape. Consider your pet's personality, your travel needs, and the crate's intended use when making your decision.

What features should I look for in a pet crate to ensure my pet's comfort and safety?

Look for a pet crate with a sturdy, secure door latch to prevent escapes. Additionally, consider crates with rounded corners and no sharp edges to minimize the risk of injury. For added comfort, look for crates with a removable and washable floor pan, which makes cleaning up messes much easier.

How can I help my pet acclimate to their new crate?

 To help your pet feel at ease in their new crate, introduce it gradually. Place their favorite blanket or toy inside the crate and encourage them to explore it at their own pace. Reward them with treats and praise for spending time in the crate. Over time, they will begin to associate the crate with positive experiences and feel more comfortable using it.

Can I use a pet crate for both training and travel purposes?

Yes, pet crates can serve multiple purposes. They're excellent tools for house training, as they provide a designated space for your pet and help establish a routine. Crates can also be used for safe and secure transportation, whether you're taking a road trip, visiting the vet, or flying. Just ensure that the crate meets airline requirements if you plan to use it for air travel.

Choose The Best Crate For You & Your Pet

Choosing the right crate for your pet is a big decision. It requires research, thought and a good understanding of your pet's needs. You must consider size, material type, door style, additional features and price range when making this choice. It's best to put together a list of features that are important to you - such as accessibility, ease of maintenance or mobility - to ensure you get exactly what you need for guaranteed pet happy and comfort. Remember: always do research and trust your instincts so you can choose correctly! And if all else fails, why not check out the selection of pet crates on Amazon? Who knows – you may just find the perfect one.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps to find the perfect crate for your pet!


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